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Kettneraspis williamsi

Kettneraspis williamsi

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Kettneraspis williamsi is somewhat of a rare trilobite. The specimen is from the Haragan Member of the Bois d' Arc formation, near Clarita, Oklahoma. It is approximately 400 million years old.

Kettneraspis is a very small trilobite with many spines and stalk-like holochroal eyes (the right one is missing) The left cheek is either missing, or still under the matrix. It is found in the same deposits as Paciphacops and Kainops. The body of the bug is 0.55 inches long and 0.75 inches wide -excluding the spines. The entire specimen, matrix and trilobite, measures 2.3 inches long, 1.95 inches wide and 0.95 inches high. The right cheek has been repaired.

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