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Pedinopariops (Hypsipariops) vagabundusis

Pedinopariops (Hypsipariops) vagabundusis

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Pedinopariops vagabundusis from the Middle Devonian of Morocco. Pedinopariops resembles a large Phacops or a small Drotops with large schizochroal lenses in the eyes and pronounced tubercules on the cephalon.

The trilobite is 3.2 inches long-if flattened (the pygidium is tucked down in a partial rolling position) and 1.66 inches wide. The trilobite with the matrix measures 3.1 by 3.88 by 2.0 inches.

Both eyes have extremely well-preserved lenses in them and the tubercules on the cephalon have been well prepped out.

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