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MASSIVE Spinosaurus tooth 7.25 inches

MASSIVE Spinosaurus tooth 7.25 inches

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Spinosaurus means ‘spine lizard’. These aquatic/ possibly terrestrial dinosaurs lived throughout the Cretaceous Period, in what is now known as Morocco. Spinosaurus was the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs, even bigger than T.rex! It had huge spines on its back, some as big as 7 feet long, which were extensions of its vertebrae. The mouth was filled with varying sizes of teeth, which were most likely shed when they wore out.

This massive tooth is 7.25 inches long ( the enamel part is 2.77 inches) and 1.2 inches wide at the base. It is nestled in black fabric over foam to hold it securely in place. It is displayed in a large Riker Box with a glass top. The tooth can easily be taken out for study.

Often times, the roots of these large Spinosaurus teeth are actually carved goat bone, made to look old by adding various colors and mud. This is not the case in this tooth (or any I sell). The tooth has been repaired at the base, but has been attached to authentic Spinosaurus root bone.

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